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The Revelation Files
Revealing Bible Prophecy As It Happens...
Welcome to The Revelation Files

The events foretold in the Bible are coming to pass before our very eyes, and it is an exciting time to be alive. Reading the newspaper or watching global events on the news time and again reveals another piece of the prophecy "puzzle" being put into place. But so much is happening, how do you keep track of it all?


At The Revelation Files, we gather news from around the globe that seems to be of prophetic significance, as well as articles of interest to those of the Christian faith. We also share teachings and insights from many Bible prophecy teachers and scholars.

Most people see prophecy only in the context of predicting the future, but prophecy can also serve to speak as a "thus saith the Lord" to an individual or the Body of Christ. To prophecy literally means "to speak a truth".


At The Revelation Files, we want to also share what we believe to be words of encouragement, instruction, and admonition to the Body of Christ.

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Global Incident Map Site
Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity
And General Terrorism News


Illegal Alien Activity Tracking System
Events, Incidents, and Other Suspicious Activity\

Global Events Disaster Site
Extreme Weather, Epidemic, Terror Attack, Biological Hazard,

Volcano Eruption, Earthquake, Incidents at Sea


Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Tsunami, Tidal Wave & Earthquake Information

Bible Quote of the Day


Keeping Families Safe

Men Pledging to Defend Decency
and Stand Against Sexual Exploitation

Registered Sex Offender Database

Leading the worldwide effort to eradicate
the marketplace of sexual slavery..


Eye on Israel (Interactive Map)

The Threat of Islamofacism in America


Wake Up America

Terrorism Awareness Project


ACT for America

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Iranium : The Movie

Iranium:The Movie